Tuesday, 25 August 2009


More t-shirts to come real soon!

Bear in mind that i can post to pretty much anywhere, and will take into account any offer i receive (unless i state otherwise in the post!). I'm a huge collector of merch, so i'd prefer to sell these for less to somebody who would appreciate them, than for more to a knob wanting to make a profit on them.

Just comment the post of the shirt you like with an offer, or e-mail me at the address at the top of the page, and we'll discuss what the postage charge will be. I promise it won't be a bollock-buster charge.

Thanks for looking!

Biffy Clyro - "Kill The Old, Torture Their Young Tee"

Great band, great show. I got this shirt at their show at the Coventry Godiva Festival in 2002 just months after their debut album "Blackened Sky" came out. The quote on the front is a song off the album (one of my favourites infact). I haven't enjoyed their albums since Blackened Sky anywhere near as much, although they have just released a single which is the best song i have heard from them since the debut.

I still have a huge soft spot for them, and this shirt does fit fine, it's just bright orange! Not really something i wear too often. Great band, and the shirt is in great condition. Not a mark or stretch in sight.

It is a size "M", and is in Orange.

The Locust - "Worm Tee"

Man this shirt design is weird! Haha. I really like it, but it's just a little bit too small for me. I got this at their show at the Medicine Bar a few years ago, and have worn it twice at the most. It WOULD be in mint condition if it wasn't for a tiny bleach stain on the back. I'll bear that in mind for smaller offers, and will post a picture of the stain if requested. Needless to say, it is very small.

It is a size "S", and is in Blue.

The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Runningboard Tee"

Here's another hard sale. I bloody love this shirt. I bought it after i went to see them support System Of A Down in 2002, apparently months after Puciato joined them on vocals. I remember most of their material was off Calculating Infinity and the EP which this t-shirt is of, hence how rare it is now.

It's another one that might need a nice offer for me to part with it. And being real honest, it is in mint condition.

It is size "M", and is in Black.

The Power And The Glory - "Logo Tee"

Holy shit what a live band these are. I've seen them twice now, and both times they have blown me away. For a change, this is a shirt that fits me fine, but i just don't wear it all that often. I think the design is ace, and obviously i love the band, i just don't really wear too many yellow shirts i guess.

It's in great condition, and is a size "S", in Yellow.

Earthtone9 - "Arc'Tan'Gent Tee"

Now, selling this will be difficult for me. Even though this shirt drowns me, and makes me look like Tom Hanks in the film "Big" the morning after he makes the wish, they are easily one of my favourite all-time bands. Plus i haven't seen this shirt ANYWHERE since i bought it, and i have a feeling it is worth quite alot, or at least will be at some point. And i can always shrink it to fit a little better. Haha.

It was bought at their only gig in Coventry, whilst touring the Arc'Tan'Gent album back in 2000, so it's kinda old, and a little faded. The print remains spot-on though and the design is real nice. Hmmm. A decent offer may sway me on this one. ET9 rules.

It is a size "XL", in black.

Unearth - "Angry Bear Tee"

Here's another t-shirt that i love but is just too damn small. It's in spot-on condition, no fading colour, cracks in the print, or holes/stretches. It's practically brand new. Plus it has a really pissed-off bear with a chainsaw on it, which is awesome in itself.

Size "S", in black.