Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Earthtone9 - "Arc'Tan'Gent Tee"

Now, selling this will be difficult for me. Even though this shirt drowns me, and makes me look like Tom Hanks in the film "Big" the morning after he makes the wish, they are easily one of my favourite all-time bands. Plus i haven't seen this shirt ANYWHERE since i bought it, and i have a feeling it is worth quite alot, or at least will be at some point. And i can always shrink it to fit a little better. Haha.

It was bought at their only gig in Coventry, whilst touring the Arc'Tan'Gent album back in 2000, so it's kinda old, and a little faded. The print remains spot-on though and the design is real nice. Hmmm. A decent offer may sway me on this one. ET9 rules.

It is a size "XL", in black.

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